Wooden Pallets Move the U.S.

An Economic Analysis Of The U.S. Wood Packaging Industry

National Economic Impact

$30.7 Billion

The annual economic output that the U.S. wood packaging industry was responsible for in 2016.


The number of Americans that are employed in jobs directly related to wooden pallet and container manufacturing.

$10.7 Billion

The direct output that domestic production of wooden pallets and containers had.


The number of people that work in industries that rely heavily on wooden pallets and containers.

$4.4 Billion

The amount in total annual economic output that downstream industries were responsible for in 2016.

$1.8 Billion

The amount of wooden pallets that carry goods throughout the U.S. at any given time.

Download here for national economic impact numbers as handout.

State Economic Impact

Each state below is a contributor to the overall economic impact of the wood packaging industry. Click each to download and see how much revenue and jobs are generated by state.

The Study

The information found above is complied from data provided by NAMs Center for Manufacturing Research in partnership with Inforum, and data from similar research on hardwood products conducted by the Hardwood Federation.

Read the full “Economic Analysis of the U.S. Wooden Pallet and Container Industry.” The report was prepared for NWPCA on September 7, 2018. The research was funded by the Pallet Foundation.

For more information about the report, please contact:

Chad Moutray, PhD, CBE
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