Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

The Pallet Foundation supports projects that will contribute to the improvement of the wood packaging industry. Our goal is to invest in sound research relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities in one of these main focus areas:

  • Market information which helps the wood pallet and container sector identify and differentiate itself
  • Environmental impacts and performance of wood and wood packaging
  • Scientific advancements specific to industry issues.

Projects that relate to one of the focus areas are given first consideration. We also fund projects in other areas that are compelling and help to advance the sector. We accept applications throughout the year, from the U.S. and internationally. However, you must submit your proposal in English and use U.S. Dollars in your budget.


The applicant must be affiliated with a non-profit organization or government agency that is willing to serve as the administering organization if the grant is awarded. Examples include universities, school districts, research facilities, federal/state/local government agencies, as well as other non-profit organizations or trade associations. The Pallet Foundation does not award grants directly to individuals.

Application Process

Within the online application, we will ask you a few basic questions. You will then be required to upload a. PDF or Word document that contains the following elements:

  • Project Personnel – As the person creating the draft application, you will automatically be assigned to the proposal as the Principal Investigator (PI). If there are Co-PIs on the project, you may include them in your document.
  • Proposal Summary – Information about the project is requested, such as the project title, start and end dates, the central research question(s), and a 200-word project summary with the project’s significance to the industry. The proposed project duration can be up to 5 years.
  • Project Methodology – Include a brief description of the approach you will use to answer the research question(s)
  • Budget and Budget Justification – Your project’s total budget should include a brief narrative that describes that specific expense. You may also include an itemized break-down of each cost to justify the overall budget.
    We value collaborative research and give special consideration to projects that involve and contribute matching funds.
  • Proposal Supplemental Narrative – You can add any additional information, fact sheets, or brochures (as .PDF files) to further describe the project.
  • Project Team – A description of the team should identify the roles, responsibility, and knowledge base of the PI, Co-PI(s), and any supporting researcher(s). In the case where your project includes Co-PIs and other supporting researchers, this document should describe how the team will work together to complete the research project, briefly highlighting what each team member will contribute to the project.

Review Process and Criteria

The Pallet Foundation uses a peer review process for all eligible submissions. The Pallet Foundation Trustees and internal staff review each project. We evaluate projects based on the connection to the goals included in the Pallet Foundation Strategic Plan the importance of the topic to its field, the quality of the research question(s), and the direction of inquiry.

The Foundation accepts proposals continually, and project proposals must be submitted at least 120 days prior to any meeting of the Trustees. For information on timing for next meeting contact the Project Contact.

Project contact

Brad Gething, PhD
NWPCA Vice President of Science & Technology