North American Forest Partnership (2018)

Forest Proud Partnerships & Collaboration

Ongoing participation with the North American Forest Partnership, #ForestProud, on a $2 million environmental messaging and marketing initiative.

NWPCA’s President & CEO Brent McClendon serves on their board of directors and, through this organization, continues to build closer relationships with leading environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The Conservation Fund, along with the US Forest Service, American Forest Foundation, among others.

The Partnership: “The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is the most diverse coalition aligned to tell the whole story of North America’s forests. Through engaging and compelling content that highlights the amazing work of this community, we are showing how our single greatest resource – our forests – are providing solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges, such as waste, pollution, a growing dependence on non-renewable materials and fossil fuels and more.” #ForestProud

Project Links

  • Fast Fact: Wood Pallets
  • NWPCA & NAFP Member Partners: The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is the most diverse coalition aligned to share our story, proactively showcasing the sector as relevant, responsible, and innovative. By managing, conserving and sustainably harvesting forests, we provide large-scale solutions to pressing societal challenges. Members of NAFP are part of a uniquely diverse Partnership committed to three things:
    1. helping people connect with how forests make their lives better and solve key societal challenges;
    2. increasing people’s understanding of how and why forests are managed; and creating an environment in which people want to learn more about—and
    3. engage with—the forest sector.