Safety In The Supply Chain

Safety & Marketing Resources

Our workers and our industry are essential in delivering our food, household, medical and business supplies worldwide. We are committed to safety throughout the supply chain. We support research and the technology to ensure that goods are moved around the world, quickly and safely, on nearly 2 billion pallets every day.

Related Projects

Safety is critical to the wood packaging industry, and funds research and projects to help industry better understand safety throughout the manufacturing facilities, and safety throughout the supply chain. Below are some of those projects, and related resources. For a full project list, click here.

    • Safety in Pallet Design: Since its introduction in 1984, the Pallet Design System™ (PDS) has developed a highly respected reputation throughout the material handling industry. Each new version of PDS incorporates the latest data, engineering, and technologies resulting from rigorous testing. A significant amount of research goes toward increasing safety throughout the unit load handling system. R&D is ongoing.
    • Fire Code Compliance Manual (Spanish Translation): Safety is of the utmost importance. The translated document is another tool for industry to strengthen its safety programs. Spanish-speaking owners and safety personnel can now better understand the 2018 fire codes of both the ICC and NFPA, and build a compliance plan in their native language. (July 2020)
    • Webnet Safety & Health Training program (2005)
    • Improving the properties of wood packaging (2006)

Research and Grants

The Pallet Foundation supports projects that will contribute to the improvement of the wood packaging industry. Our goal is to invest in sound research relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities in one of these areas: market information, environmental impact, scientific advancements, and others that help advance the sector.

To learn more about obtaining funding for a research project, click here to apply for a grant.