PDS Reference Documents

Pallet Design System™ Reference Documents

The Pallet Design System™ Library contains valuable resources for PDS Users. If there is an item you would like to see included in this collection of PDS materials, drop us a note or phone: 703-519-6104.

Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
PDS Version 6.1 Product Release (Jan 2020) PDF (366.75 KB)Administration1/13/2020
PDS Version 6.0 Product Release (Sept 2019) PDF (184.56 KB) Administration1/13/2020
PDS Version 5.7 Product Release (May 2019) PDF (283.52 KB)Administration5/29/2019
White Paper: PDS Reduces Manufacturing Costs PDF (7.13 MB) Administration9/14/2018
PDS Version 5.4 Product Release (March 2018) PDF (286.91 KB)Administration3/2/2018
PDS Printout, Stringer-Class Pallet PDF (263.44 KB)Administration12/8/2015
Guide to PDS Report, Block-Class Pallet PDF (403.63 KB) Administration12/8/2015
PDS Version 5.3 Product Release (Sept 2017) PDF (682.06 KB)Administration9/15/2017
History of The Pallet Design System™ LinkAdministration11/25/2015
LoadSync™ Newsletter (June 2013) PDF (1.19 MB)Administration11/19/2014
FastenerSync™ Newsletter (March 2014) PDF (1022.19 KBAdministration11/19/2014
Guide to PDS Report, Stringer-Class PDF (483.41 KB)Administration12/8/2015